Talk about the recent ZoomEye updates


ZoomEye has always been committed to being more friendly and open to developers. For example, in August of this year, we announced the removal of API data output restrictions. Another example is the API-KEY authentication mode introduced to you today. Developers and users do not need to directly expose user names and The clear text password can be used to call the ZoomEye API interface more securely. Of course, we also provide one-click reset API-KEY function.

Visual graphical input query

I must admit that a lot of search syntax is hard to remember for many newcomers,So we designed a way to describe the search logic using select boxes, input boxes and smart association prompts to make it easier for newcomers to search.

Data subscription

We believe that cyberspace surveying and mapping needs to pay attention to dynamic data changes, and the time dimension of data is a very important core indicator. Before, we developed an API interface for historical data, and through historical data we showed some interesting cases of tracking APT attacks: . Now we pay attention to the daily new data of ZoomEye, and continue to focus on target monitoring.

Continuously improve data acquisition capabilities

First of all, ZoomEye integrates and correlates the threat intelligence data of our own company (KnownSec) cloud security. The malicious attacking IP captured by KnownSec CDN defense will be marked on ZoomEye.

Support bracket first logical operation

Previously, the logical operations supported by ZoomEye:
— — — — — — — — —
Space is actually interpreted as the logical OR operator, + means the logical AND operator, — means the logical NOT operator;
— — — — — — — — —



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