ZoomEye 2020 has started

2 min readJan 15, 2020

“Build The Best Cyberspace Search Engine” is what we do now and continue to do.

I remember mentioning some key points at KCon 2019 : “More Data and Data Life” and “More data” , It should be mentioned that the ZoomEye “500 Nodes Plan” has been deployed in October 2019.

This update is mainly based on “More data”:

First, we released ZoomEye’s historical data API query interface. Of course, it is currently only developed for paid users.


API instructions

Second, we provide whois data and (r/f)DNS data for IP and domain names.


Third, we optimized and strengthened the analysis and detection of industrial control protocols, and resolved some bugs.

Of course, This update also focuses on optimizing component identification and user search experience:

We completed the search accuracy of “component recognition” and classified it to achieve the“Component Navigation”.

Component Navigation

Then we added the “smart search” related function, using the user to find the corresponding search results more quickly and accurately.

Finally,Cheers for “Build The Best Cyberspace Search Engine”,Wish everyone a Happy New Year 2020! Thanks !

by Heige(a.k.a Superhei) of KnownSec 404 Team 01/15/2020